Edition :: 2 / 2011

Notes for Contributors

Unpublished essays/articles must not exceed 7000 words; for reviews, the limit is 2000 words. Contributions must include e-mail address, authors’ town and country, and the organization (if any) to which they belong. Documents must be sent in .doc or .rtf electronic format to the chief editors Andreia Guerini (mailto:andreia.guerini@gmail.com) and Cosetta Veronese (mailto:c.m.veronese@gmail.com).
Margins: top and bottom 2.5 cm, left 3 cm, right 2cm.
Bodytext: Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5.
Quotations of more than 3 lines: Times New Roman 10, single spacing, whole quotation indented 2.5 cm from the left.
Quotations within the text to be enclosed in « ». For quotations within quotations use “ ”.
Notes are to appear at the end, followed by the bibliography ordered alphabetically by surname.
Bibliographical references within the text are to have the form (author, date:page), e.g.: (Bigongiari, 1976:134); (Colaiacomo, 2002:17); (Hamilton, 2001:306-07) with cross-reference to the bibliography at the end, e.g.:
Bigongiari, Piero, Leopardi. Firenze, La Nuova Italia, 1976.


Colaiacomo Claudio, «Procedimenti leopardiani di frammentazione e costruzione dell’io», Critica del testo (5) 1, 2002:13-27.
Hamilton, Paul, «Shelley, Leopardi and the Writing of Nihilism from the Pensieri to The Triumph of Life», Michael Caesar e Franco D’Intino (a cura di), Leopardi e il libro nell’età romantica (pp. 303-17). Roma, Bulzoni, 2001.


Articles submitted for publication in Appunti leopardiani will be sent for anonymous assessment to two external academic referees. Authors will receive the judgement of the suitability or otherwise for publication and of any necessary revisions and corrections  as soon as they are available.